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Welcome to the
Nissan LEAF Battery Replacement

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Below you will find a Google Map that shows pin-points of companies
that sell battery packs, tools to sync your newly installed battery
and mechanics who will do the entire install job for you.

Click their links to contact them and ask them about their services.

(41 Companies as of 12-16-2022)

Keep checking this website, when I find more installers I will add them.

(If you are doing installs or if you know a company who is but are not
listed below, please let me know about them, Thanks!)

Hello fellow LEAF owner, I don't know prices, I made the website so that you
can find installers and contact them. Look at the Map, Find the ones closest to
you and ask them for prices. This map was updated on 12-18-2022, as soon as I find
more installers I will add them. If you have a new Mechanic to add please email me
their contact info - If you're a Mechanic doing LEAF work I need the following:
Company Name:, Shop Address:, Phone Number(s): email, website, facebook,
other URLS, Description of what you do.

Thanks!, Sal Cameli

(Map is zoomed-in to the latest location added, zoom out to see other locations)

(google sheet of all map data) (full screen of the above map)
Notice: I am not affiliated with any of the companies listed on this Google Map.
I created this map so that LEAF owners can find Installers to help them with their
dying battery. I am not in business with any of these companies and they have never
paid me to be listed here. Please make sure you thoroughly research each company
before sending them any funds. I highly recommend that you use some sort of escrow service.
If they destroy your vehicle, steal your funds and/or you lose work because of this I will not
be held liable. Sincerely, Salvatore Cameli, (C) Cameli IT Services, LLC 12-16-2022.

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Some info about myself, Sal Cameli aka UBUYGAS, aka NAY2GAS

On December 16th 2012 I bought my 1st Electric Vehicle, I still own it today. I use it to help me save
a few parking spots in front of my Apartment Building in Jersey City NJ because I charge out my window.
CLICK HERE to see videos on how I reserve parking spots and how I charge out my window.
There is an EV Charging station that was installed in 2021 that's 2.5 blocks away but it costs $18
to fill up there. At my apartment it costs $12.00 - It's always less money to charge at your house.
And I rather have my car as close as possible.

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